EntertainmentAbandoned and in ruins, Tiktoker shows what the Cantinflas mansion in Acapulco...

    Abandoned and in ruins, Tiktoker shows what the Cantinflas mansion in Acapulco looks like today

    Next April 20 will be the 29th anniversary of the death of the great Mexican comedian Mario Moreno, better known as ‘Cantinflas’, who throughout his career accumulated a large fortune.

    Thanks to his wealth, he was able to build countless houses throughout Mexico, his residence being on the beaches of acapulco the most remembered and one of the few that was not transformed into a tourist center or another type of facility.

    This property, located in the neighborhood Beaches and by the sea, was acquired by the charles chaplin mexican in the 50s and for several years it became his favorite place to take his getaways to rest or get away from the daily routine.

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    Although the residence is still standing, only memories of its luxuries and beauty remain, since it is currently abandoned and in ruins.

    In a video, shared by the tiktoker Pia Diazwe were able to witness how deteriorated the residence is, which draws attention for having, in its dock area, a huge statue of the comedian.

    Although he did not go beyond the dock area, with what he showed we can realize the conditions in which the emblematic house is located, which continues to be the subject of tourist visits through tours in all kinds of boats.

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    In the dock area it has a pool with a slide, a bar and two bathrooms, which were surely used by his guests at the pool parties organized by Cantinflas.

    “Now it is abandoned, but on the walls you still find figures of Cantinflas that are being erased, but there are still. Now only a shell of what was the house remains. There is nothing anymore, there is a lot of undergrowth, yes, but the truth is that the view from in here, towards the sea, is impressive, ”the tiktoker is heard saying, while she showed the place with her cell phone.

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    Like her, other explorers have also toured the property and have shown us various aspects of the fortress that once saw some of the most powerful and famous people of their time pass through its walls and gardens.

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