EntertainmentAaron Taylor-Johnson reignites rumors that he could play "James Bond"

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson reignites rumors that he could play “James Bond”

    After Daniel Craig After completing his work on several successful films about secret agent James Bond, the names of several British actors have been mentioned to play the character. Last year the news broke that Aaron Taylor-Johnson He was the favorite of the producers and that in March 2023 his participation in a new film would be confirmed. This did not happen, but rumors persist.

    During an interview for the magazine esquire (which took place before the Hollywood actors’ and writers’ strike) Taylor-Johnson was questioned about it by Alex Pappademas, and although he did not affirm or deny outright that he will be the new agent 007, this has only revived the rumors that his name is on the list that includes the possible selected: “As I already told you, I have to go to the rhythm of my own drum. It is my own path, which seems intuitive to me. I have never made a decision based on other people’s perspectives, judgments, or expectations.”

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    Pappademas (who says that Aaron never denied being considered to play James Bond) continued to insist, to which the actor replied: “It’s not really my place to say anything. I only focus on the things I can get my hands on right now. What is in front of me right now.” The most recent film of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, “Kraven the hunter”based on a character from marvel comicswill be released in the United States on August 30.

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