EntertainmentA very sad birthday for Bruce Willis, his health continues to decline

    A very sad birthday for Bruce Willis, his health continues to decline

    The actor Bruce Willis He turns 68 this Sunday, but he is going through one of the worst health situations, although his family has not stopped supporting him.

    In February 2022, Willis was diagnosed with aphasia disorder, so he announced his retirement from Hollywood. Over time, he also announced that he suffers from frontotemporal dementia, a brain disorder that particularly affects the frontal and temporal lobes, linked to personality, behavior and language.

    Bruce Willis is one of the biggest names on the big Hollywood screen of the last decade.. He owns a large number of titles thanks to his participation in successful productions: Pulp Fiction, The Fifth Element, The Sixth Sense, Red and Die Hard, among many others.

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    Willis was born on March 19, 1996 in West Germany, and from a very young age he knew that his future and his talent would have to be linked to the seventh art, gaining thousands of followers throughout his career, who today lament the terrible situation of health faced by the actor and his family.

    The producer and director of “Out of Death” Mike Burns He commented that during the first day of shooting he was able to see the wear and tear on Willis. “I realized that there was a big problem at stake and why they had asked me to shorten their dialogues”said the filmmaker.

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    Burns even mentioned that he would not record another film with the “Die Hard” actor, because in the filming of “Wrong Place”, a film in which Ashley Greene and Michael Sirow appear, it was apparent that his health had deteriorated greatly.

    At the moment, The actor’s family pointed out that his health continues to worsenor, specifically frontotemporal dementia progresses faster than expected, over time he has greater difficulty with problem solving, planning and emotions. In turn, he has personality change, obsessive behavior and difficulties to speak.

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    His wife Emma Heming, his ex-wife, actress Demi Moore, and their five daughters announced the actor’s diagnosis in a joint statement posted on The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration website last month.

    “Unfortunately, the challenge with communication is one of the symptoms of the disease that Bruce faces. While painful, it’s a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis” says the statement shared by some of the women who accompany him in the difficult process.

    We must remember that at present, science has said that there is no specific treatment for frontotemporal dementia although there are others that alleviate the condition.

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