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    A fourth film of the horror saga “I know what you did last summer” is being prepared

    The actor Freddie Prince Jr. and the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt are in deals to star in the fourth film in the horror film saga “I know what you did last summer”which will be directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.

    Both had the main roles in the first film of the series, released in 1997 and which was successful worldwide. “I know what you did last summer” is about four friends who accidentally kill a fisherman and after a year start receiving threatening letters from someone who saw them that night. The tape gave rise to a sequel –“I still know what you did last summer”– in 1998 and subsequently to a third party, “I’ll always know what you did last summer”in which Freddie and Jennifer did not participate.

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    In the coming weeks the decision of the actors could be made known, who would thus join the group of celebrities as Jamie Lee Curtis and Courtney Coxwho in recent years have returned to star in new horror movie sequels like “Halloween” and “Scream”.

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    Source: La Opinion

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