Entertainment3 scary movies that were banned

    3 scary movies that were banned

    The horror movies For many it can be fun and exciting, but for others its high level of fear and suspense is alarming, which causes it to be banned and not be screened in theaters.

    It is listed as a classic on horror movie charts of all the world.

    Released in 1973, it made headlines for its exceptional representation of what a demonic possession of a girl and her exorcism, leaving everyone fascinated.

    The media claimed that people vomited, fainted or had to be helped to walk after the screenings.

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    The Motion Picture Academy of America rated it as an “R” (Restricted) movieTherefore, minors had to be accompanied by an adult to see it.

    But other countries were more radical, in Singapore it was banned for being a “film that denigrates any religious group” and “language that denigrates religion, or is religiously profane”. It happened exactly the same in Malaysia.

    Despite this, “The Exorcist” is the first horror film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

    East italian horror thriller from 1979 was one of the most prominent films of the 1980s in this genre.

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    It’s about a rescue team that locates a film crew in the Amazon jungle, features real animal killings and extreme violence that left viewers stunned.

    Ruggero Deodato, director of the film, was accused in Italy of murdering his actors, but was also fined for animal cruelty. Being banned for three years in Italy.

    Also, it was censored in 40 other countries for several years, including Australia, Norway, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    Released in 2009, this Japanese film narrates the brutal torture of a couple less than a sadistic doctor, contain scenes of extreme torture.

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    In the UK, it was banned for its high levels of sexual violence. Furthermore, it continues to be banned in the UK, Malaysia and the Philippines.

    Meanwhile, other nations were more permissive, but it still received 18+ certification in Finland, France, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United States.

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