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    World Cup Qatar 2022: how much will fans have to pay to drink wine, champagne and whiskey in the stadiums?

    Just two days before the opening match, Qatar banned the sale of beer in World Cup stadiums and now thousands of fans heading to the tournament will be left without alcohol. Nevertheless, for a large amount of moneysome will still be able to access beer, wine, vodka, whiskey and even champagne.

    The prices to access the places where there will be alcoholic beverages start from $950 dollars per person and go up to more than $4,950 dollars. However, these packages leave out many regular fans who are not willing to pay that kind of money for each game.

    MATCH Business Seat is priced at $3,050 per ticket, where fans can enjoy high-end alcoholic beverages and “fine dining” in the luxurious halls, suites and restaurants within the eight stadiums built for the event.

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    In the cheapest package, of $950 dollars per person, to MATCH Hospitality clients they will be served wine, beer and “street food” in a tent village next to the stadium.

    “Precisely the kind of experience people would expect in a fine restaurant or sports bar,” he told the agency. PA MATCH CEO Jaime Byrom. According to the agency, since February 2021 around 250,000 tickets have been sold for this section.

    Spirits are added to wine and beer in the “Pavilion” category, which costs at least $1,900. Champagne and cocktails join the $3,050 Business Class drinks menu.

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    But the most luxurious package is the Pearl Lounge, with midline seats at Lusail Stadium, the venue for the final and nine other matches. Prices start at $4,950 dollars and they come with “mixologists, selection of champagne, sommeliers and premium spirits”.

    MATCH has also adapted its service to the cultural sensibilities of the Middle East. Separate rest areas have been created for families and people who don’t drink alcohol.

    The beer policy agreed in September was changed almost at the last minute by the conservative country, where access to alcohol is strictly limited. Only non-alcoholic Bud Zero will be sold within the stadium grounds at all 64 games.

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    It was a surprising change, and a potential breach of contract, for Budweiser’s parent company, AB InBev, and a brand that has served itself at the World Cup for 36 years.

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