BusinessWhy Experts Expect UPS to Stage One of the Largest Strikes in...

    Why Experts Expect UPS to Stage One of the Largest Strikes in US History

    Why Experts Expect UPS to Stage One of the Largest Strikes in US History

    In recent months there have been labor battles between large companies in sectors such as oil, services and technology, but nothing like the clash that is cooking between one of the oldest unions in the United States and the largest delivery company in the country:UPS.

    In the absence of a few months for the negotiations to begin, the actors on both sides of the negotiation have already launched their respective campaigns to present the requests that they will put on the table, as well as their conditions.

    The Contract Negotiation for UPS Workers Unionized in Teamsters Union is scheduled to start in the spring of next year; However, with months to go, analysts already predict that the clash will end in a strike.

    The deadline is July 23, 2023 for unionized UPS workers, mainly deliverers and package managersdecide, together with your union leaders, whether to go on strike.

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    For Rutgers Labor Relations Professor Todd Vachon, the question in this process is not whether the Teamsters Union is going to strike, but the time in which thousands of workers will stop their activities.

    “The union president ran and won by taking a more militant approach. Even if they are very close (to an agreement), the base will be eager to take on the company“, explains Vachon in a report for CBS News.

    Due to its transportation and logistics capacity, UPS is the nation’s largest delivery company.; by itself it transports 21.5 million packages every day, according to data from the same company.

    To size it up, its competition, whether private at FedEx or Amazon, or public, with the United States Postal Service, only capable of moving a fraction of what UPS moves and distributes each day.

    This means that every year, the equivalent of 6% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States is transported in one of the UPS vehicles.

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    UPS is also part of lhe ten brands Americans trust mostaccording to a recent survey by Morning Consult.

    But the above is only possible because of its workforce, made up of 534,000 permanent employees around the worldof which 350,000 belong to the Teamsters, the rapidly growing unionized group.

    UPS and the Teamsters have worked cooperatively for nearly 100 years to meet the needs of employees, customers and the communities where we live and work. We believe we will continue to find common ground with the Teamsters and come to an agreement that is good for everyone involved,” the company said in a statement.

    But the union’s new leader, Sean O’Brien, doesn’t see it that way. In early 2022, the Teamster leader won the union election basing his speech on criticism of the current contract and has promised that those agreements will be modified in favor of the workers.

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    “Do our members wake up every day wanting a strike? I would say not. But are they fed up? Yeah, they’re fed up,” O’Brien told CNN Business In the past week.

    “Whether there is a strike or not, that totally depends on the company. Let’s use all the leverage we can so that our members get the contract they deserve,” he added.

    According to UPS, the average salary of their delivery people is $95,000 a yearwith benefits that include a traditional pension plan in the amount of $50,000 dollars.

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