BusinessWhy Apple is the only technology company that has not announced layoffs

    Why Apple is the only technology company that has not announced layoffs

    The technological multinational Apple seems to be one of the most consolidated by 2023, Despite the efforts of other companies that have had to choose to cut their workforce to stay afloat, the Manzanita company has yet to announce significant layoffs.

    Since last year, many companies in the technology area such as Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet have had to ride the wave of massive layoffs, among other reasons, for economic instability who lives the country and the market slowdown after the pandemic.

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    But Apple is going against the current and is handling the crisis better than others. During the pandemic, there was also growth in the payrolls of some of the companies already mentioned, for example; Microsoft increased its payroll to 50%, as did Amazon and Meta, doubling their workforce, however this caused them enormous expenses.

    However, Apple was more astute and only completed a modest 20% increase in its workforce, In addition, in the period of 2019 and 2022, the company achieved significant growth in the demand for its products, according to its interannual report. raised its income to 8%.

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    Although the manufacturer of the IPhone is rebounding, it is not exempt from some predictions from analysts and experts who affirm that will have a reduction in its staff in the middle of the year, but it will not be as drastic and significant as other companies.

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