BusinessWhat are the 10 “neediest” cities in the United States

    What are the 10 “neediest” cities in the United States

    A new report from WalletHub classified which are the 10 “neediest cities in the country”. For it, analyzed 182 cities in the country and measured them with 28 indicators, among which child poverty, food security and inadequate kitchens stand out.

    The analysis showed that in items such as child poverty the cities of Rochester (NY), Detroit (MI), Cleveland (OH), Buffalo (NY) and Wilmington (DE) had the highest rates; while Pearl City (HI), Fremont (CA), Overland Parks (KS), Gilbert (AZ), and Bismarck (ND) had the lowest rates.

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    In the field of adult poverty, Huntington (WV), Detroit (MI), Cleveland (OH), Tallahassee (FL), and Burlington (VT) had the highest rates; while Pearl City (HI), Overland Park (KS), Fremont (CA), Gilbert (AZ), and Chesapeake (VA) had the lowest rates.

    Five cities shared the top homeless site: Fresno and San Francisco, in California, New York, DC and Honolulu.

    A general level, Detroit ranked first as the city most in need. According to local media, one in five renters faced evictions this year.

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    Second place was occupied by Brownsville, Texas, due to the fact that a quarter of the city’s population lives in povertythis represents twice the national average.

    Cleveland ranked third on the list. Behind Detroit it is the second poorest large city in the country.

    Given the needs of some cities, there are other sites with better quality of life offers with a cost of living that is still affordable. Johnson City, in Tennessee; Auburn, Alabama; Fayetteville, in Arkansas; and Cedar Park, in Texas, top the list, according to an analysis by the specialized finance site GoBankingRates.

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