BusinessWalmart announced a pay cut for some employees. Why?

    Walmart announced a pay cut for some employees. Why?

    Some new Walmart employees are taking pay cuts, sending clear signs that the job market is cooling off as well. could cause other retail chains to repeat this measure.

    According to statements by Anne Hatfield, a spokeswoman for the retail chain, the starting salary for those workers who deliver orders or restock shelves was reduced. Previously depending on your location, Walmart’s down payment was between $12 and $18, but with the adjustment made at the beginning of the year it now ranges between $14 and $19 dollars.

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    Although the retailer has raised wages in recent years, this is the first time Walmart has taken a pay cut. “A consistent starting salary results in consistent staffing and better customer service,” the Walmart spokesperson said in a statement.

    Walmart’s projection is that with this adjustment, employees will have more growth opportunities in terms of roles and development within the company, and that their initial salary was consistent and not with a difference between employees.

    In the statement he also expressed that even though the salary was reduced for new hires, this allows some existing employees that number around 50,000 to have an increase in the salary scale.

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    With this change, Walmart can set a tone for the impact it will have on hourly workers and therefore on the adjustments that will be made in other retail chains for their new employees, in addition to what it represents for the labor market in the midst of the constant rises in interest rates to control inflation, this chain being the largest private employer of the United States.

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