BusinessVideo: Rappi delivery man delivers food to migrants and agents check him...

    Video: Rappi delivery man delivers food to migrants and agents check him and threaten him, denounce

    Two agents of the Migration’s national institute of Mexico (INM) intercepted and searched a food deliveryman from the company rappiwhen He went to deliver his order to some migrants who were in a camp, located between Mexico and the United States.

    The events were recorded in a video that went viral on social networks, where you can see at the beginning of the images that An agent checks the food delivery man’s suitcasewhile the young man questions his actions.

    But immediately he orders him to retreat into the metal fence and they begin to search him, while he has his hands up.

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    Subsequently, one of the agents asks him to open his legs to continue the search, just as he inspects his pants pockets.

    The agent returns to the food suitcase to give it another inspection.

    Behind the metal fence are some migrants, who apparently are the ones who received Rappi’s request.

    The events were recorded at the border wall between Tijuana (Mexico) and San Diego (United States) and have provoked criticism for the behavior of the immigration agents, because they do not have the power to carry out the review as if they were police officers.

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    The delivery man who was identified as Samuel claimed that the agents intimidated him and threatened him with a gun, before they began to search him, according to what was published by the Milenio site.

    “The immigration police wanted to take my gun, because I brought an order through Rappi. “They thought I came to get information from these people, but I only came to deliver the order,” declared Samuel to Millennium.

    And the controversy broke out because there are agents of the Municipal and State Police who belong to the Beta group, who are designated for the protection of migrants, but do not have permission to use their firearms under any circumstances.

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    The migrants are located in a camp located on the border with Mexico. Most of them come from Haiti and Central American countries.

    So far the INM authorities have not commented on the matter.

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    Source: La Opinion

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