BusinessTickets to see LeBron James break an NBA record cost up to...

    Tickets to see LeBron James break an NBA record cost up to $69,000

    The expectation to see LeBron James, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers this Tuesday grows and the prices of tickets to enter the Arena they have shot up to $69,000 dollars.

    The cost of tickets to see the Los Angeles Lakers has increased up to 211% since the season beganaccording to Vivid Seats, and this is because LeBron James could break an NBA record on Tuesday.

    James has the possibility of breaking the NBA scoring record and this is the main factor why tickets to see The Lakers are reaching prices that little can afford.

    Those who seek to witness the feat of LeBron James will have to have a minimum of $1,634 dollars per ticket if you want to be sitting on the lower level in the Arena.

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    Although there are some prices that are a little more “affordable” for the floor levels; however, its cost varies between $415 dollars and $1,000 dollarsaccording to the ticketing companies.

    However, in other areas of the Lakers Arena they have definitely reached levels beyond the reach of most fans with prices that have reached up to $69,162 dollarsin two seats behind the hoops, according to Vivid Seats.

    While there are two other tickets located nine rows back that do not fall below $42,845 dollars.

    There are two factors that Patrick Rishe, a sports business professor at Washington University in St. Louis, believes have boosted the value of prices to see the Lakers star.

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    The first has to do with the possibility of breaking the record for the most scores in the NBA, and this factor becomes even more attractive, since the holder of this milestone is another Los Angeles team legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

    However, outside of sports, the expert pointed out to CBS News that southern California is a high-income region, so The demand for tickets to see the Lakers is increasing.

    “People just enjoy being around when they see history, especially when you’re talking about a record that’s probably you will never see again in our lifetime“, he pointed out.

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    Although prices for Tuesday’s game have skyrocketed, fans don’t think James will score the 36 points he needs to break the NBA record for most scoring, so the price of tickets for the next match has already started to climb as well.

    Prices for the February 9 game against the Milwaukee Bucks already had an increase of 447%according to Vivid Seats.

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