BusinessThe price of gasoline could be below $3 per gallon before Christmas...

    The price of gasoline could be below $3 per gallon before Christmas 2022

    Although the price of fuels does not directly depend on the cost of oil, the volatility registered by hydrocarbons in the global market tends to affect the pocket of all people, whether they have a car or not, because as the value of fuels increases, so does the price of raw materials and food consumed daily.

    Nevertheless, in recent days the price of gasoline has shown a slight downward trend.

    According to data from the American Automobile Association (AAA) The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline nationwide opened the week at $3.66 dollars, which represents approximately ¢ 10 cents less than the previous week.

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    About, Patrick DeHaan, a senior oil analyst at price watcher GasBuddy, estimates that for the remainder of the year the cost of gasoline could fall further.

    “All will see relief at the pump this week, with even more substantial declines on the way as oil prices plunged last week to briefly trade below $80 a barrel. It’s not impossible that, if oil markets hold up here, we could see a national average of $2.99 ​​around Christmas, certainly the treat every motorist has come to expect.“, he pointed out in an interview with United Press International.

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    In contrast, the expert on hydrocarbon issues warned that the prices of other fuels such as diesel could possibly decrease until the summer of the next year.

    “The average price of diesel is still over $5.00 a gallon in much of the state. There should be some relief when it comes to the price of diesel, but probably not as much as what we will see with gasoline. And it is that the maximum consumption of diesel is in winter, thanks to the fact that it is the fuel used for heating, so as temperatures cool, diesel sees an increase in demand and that makes its price go up more in the winter, but it drops in the summer,” he stressed.

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