BusinessThe new generation no longer feels as committed to their work

    The new generation no longer feels as committed to their work

    In an investigation carried out by the CID Gallup pollster, it was revealed that a large part of the new generation of workers is not fully committed to the company for which they work. In 2022, about 32% of people surveyed felt dissatisfied compared to 36% in 2020, especially those who belonged to the generation Z and millennials.

    According to the firm, this could hinder professional growth and overall performance within the company. But, he has his reasons, according to the study after the pandemic and the option of remote jobs, the number of workers who are “actively disconnected” has increased.

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    Plus many of employees under 35 years of age claim that they do not feel heard, respected and valued within their workplace, while ensuring that there are few opportunities to learn and grow.

    In accordance with Jim Harter part of the Gallup Research Group and author of the report, indicated that “there is a growing disconnect between the employee and the employer. It could almost be compared to employees becoming a bit more like temporary workers,” he says.

    He also warned that commissioned jobs, for example, which are mostly remote tend to do not generate loyalty relationships between the employer and employeesTherefore, the staff does not feel motivated to always give their best.

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    “Having actively terminated workers can be very detrimental to company morale, because often a disgruntled worker shares their negativity with other colleagues,” Harter points out.

    On the other hand, the research also refers to the mental health of workers, and how companies are addressing this issue after the pandemic, according to statistics. concern for general well-being dropped to 50%.

    Finally for researcher Jim Harter, one of The most important positions in companies are managers, which increased significantly in their role during the pandemic quarantine. “They are committed to assuring employees that they really know what is expected and still making them feel cared for,” she says.

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    “Managers will discover the idiosyncrasies of each person they manage”, for Harter these positions are the only ones that are closest to the employees.

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