BusinessThe Mexican peso registers losses against the dollar after a historic day

    The Mexican peso registers losses against the dollar after a historic day

    The winning streak of the Mexican peso or “superpeso”, as some analysts call it, ran into a difficult day this Thursday, since it fell $0.24 cents against the dollar.

    Each dollar is sold at $17.24 Mexican pesos, above what was registered on Wednesday, when the transaction reached $16.88 pesos per dollar.

    Experts had anticipated that the Mexican peso would have a constant fluctuation with respect to the dollar, but they have not indicated that it will have significant setbacks.

    Of course, the weight could not advance and soon achieve new records.

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    “The strengthening of the peso has already exhausted its strength, and unless a very important unforeseen event occurs in favor of the Mexican currency, we will have a strengthening of the dollar in the coming weeks and months,” said Rodrigo Aguila, an analyst at Banco Suizo.

    The Mexican currency is described as one of the best performing and the strongest in Latin America, since it has appreciated 13% percent in the last year.

    From the first quarter of 2022 to date, the Mexican peso has achieved its best streak in almost 10 years, experts acknowledge.

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    There are several influencing factors, such as the instability of international markets, but also the infrastructure projects in Mexico that have maintained investor confidence.

    Source: La Opinion

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