BusinessThe largest retailers in the United States continue to lose the battle...

    The largest retailers in the United States continue to lose the battle against ant theft

    For retail store chains serving the United States, theft in their branches is already a severe enough problem.

    Despite the fact that investments have been made to strengthen the security of establishments by increasing the number of security personnel and the necessary measures to deal with crime through the use of technology in cameras that operate with an artificial intelligence system, companies like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart, to name just a few, They continue to experience theft of items on an almost daily basis.

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    In fact, A few days ago Walmart announced the closure of its remaining stores in Portland, Oregon, largely due to the impossibility of stopping the wave of thefts that prevail without the authorities being able to do anything about it.

    In this sense, it has even been mentioned that there are organized gangs of thieves focused on looting retail stores to later sell the products of their thefts at a lower price in online markets.

    However, so far it is unknown if there is any open investigation to verify or reject this hypothesis.

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    The truth is Studies by the National Retail Federation (NRF) show that the losses suffered among its members ranged from $90.8 billion dollars in 2020; and at $94.5 billion, in 2022.

    However, it is unknown what percentage of this amount can be credited to the ant robbery, since the concept of losses refers to the general decrease. That is, the difference between the inventory that a company registers on its balance sheet and what it actually sells, since damaged, lost, or stolen inventory is also included in this category.

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    In this sense, the NRF argues that 37% of retail company losses should be credited to product theft, which represents $35 billion dollarsa scandalous figure that should not be overlooked, since someone is very often benefiting by entering establishments with the firm intention of taking something without paying for it.

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