BusinessThe 10 largest companies in the United States, according to Fortune

    The 10 largest companies in the United States, according to Fortune

    This Monday, Fortune magazine published the classification of the largest companies with the highest income in the United States for 2022, this time the company Chevron rejoins the list after more than 50% growth by 2022.

    In this sense, the business magazine exposed the 10 largest companies in the country According to data collected from 2022, here we present them to you from lowest to highest income.

    Since oil and gas prices soared last year Chevron managed to post a record profit of $36.5 billionthe San Ramon, California-based corporation, had revenue growth of 52%, that is, about $246 billion.

    In last year’s report it was also on the list of the largest companies in the United States, now for this year’s analysis, the pharmaceutical products distribution company generated about $264 billion in revenue by 2022.

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    This Google parent technology company continues to position itself as one of the largest in the United States, due to cost cuts, layoffs, among others, managed to generate approximately $283 billion in revenue.

    Last year this holding company of the renowned American investor and businessman, Warren Buffett it made about $302 billion in revenue.

    This drug retail company in the United States is one of the highest rated on the Fortune list, its CEO, Karen Lynch took over in 2021 and since then the chain has achieved reported growth of $322 billion in 2022.

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    This Minnetonka, Minnesota-based health and medical insurance company last year managed to generate some $324 billion in revenue, and according to the magazine it is one of the highest ranked healthcare companies in the ranking.

    Already approaching the top positions with the highest income is the technology company Apple that in 2022, achieved nearly $394 billion in revenueis one of the most profitable technology companies in the ranking, remaining in this way for nine years in the Fortune ranking.

    By 2022, the oil company achieved about $413 billion in revenueremains in the ranking of the largest US companies with high profits.

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    Another e-commerce giant that reported huge profits by 2022, was Amazon with about $514 billion in revenuefor four years it continues to be one of the companies with the highest earnings in the classification.

    Finally, the position for the company with the highest revenue registered in 2022 goes to the Walmart retail store chain, which posted $611 billion in revenues, for 11 uninterrupted years the company has been positioned with the highest earnings in the Fortune ranking.

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