BusinessTaxpayers in some states are bearing a heavier tax burden than others,...

    Taxpayers in some states are bearing a heavier tax burden than others, according to a report

    According to the latest report from the finance website, WalletHub the average taxpayers in the United States pay about $11,000 on their federal tax returns every year; However, according to analysts, there are some states where their residents spend twice as much.

    For WalletHub, taxpayers in certain states are bearing a much higher annual tax burden than others. In this sense, the researchers associated it with three types of taxes “on property, personal income taxes and excise and sales taxes,” they indicated.

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    To know the percentage, the analysts calculated the average family income, the value of the property, and assets such as cars and expenses. This is how WalletHub divided the states between higher and lower tax burdens in its report:

    States with higher tax burdens: New York (12.47%), Hawaii (12.31%), Maine (11.14%), Vermont (10.28%), Connecticut (9.83%), New Jersey (9.76%); Maryland (9.44%), Minnesota (9.41%), Illinois (9.38%), and Iowa (9.15%).

    While the states with the lowest tax burdens are: Alaska (5.06%), Delaware (6.12%), New Hampshire (6.14%), Tennessee (6.22%), Florida (6.33%), Wyoming (6.42%), South Dakota (6.69%); Mountain (6.93%), Missouri (7.11%), and Oklahoma (7.12%).

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