BusinessTax Season: IRS Gives Tips for Choosing a Reliable Preparer

    Tax Season: IRS Gives Tips for Choosing a Reliable Preparer

    With millions of taxpayers across the country preparing their returns, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) alerted the importance of choosing a tax preparer.

    Tax season 2023 is underway and millions of taxpayers are often seeking help to prepare all or part of their tax return.

    However, the IRS cautioned that while most tax preparers are honest and certified, there are some who can cause significant damage to taxpayers.

    According to the federal tax office, these preparers who deceive their clients can commit crimes such as fraud, identity theft and other types of scams.

    This is why the IRS offers a series of tips so that people who need help preparing their taxes make the best and safest choice of a tax preparer.

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    He recalled that the best trainer is not only the one who is certified, but also the that adjusts to the needs that each taxpayer have to prepare your tax return.

    In addition, the IRS warned that taxpayers are responsible for all information that preparers submit, regardless of whether or not they are certified or end up misleading whoever hired them.

    The first tip the IRS gives taxpayers looking for a tax preparer is to visit

    On the website of the federal tax office, taxpayers you will find information on credentials and certifications of available and reliable tax preparers.

    This information can be verified in the Directory of Preparers and there, taxpayers can determine which are the selected certifications to determine which services are the most convenient.

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    The first thing to keep in mind when hiring a tax preparer, either to file or to help with preparation, is that must have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) that is valid.

    The PTIN number is used by preparers to sign and file all returns in which they work; so if the preparer does not have this number, it is a bad sign of reliability.

    Another red flag is when the tax preparer does not sign the returns he or she prepares or files; which means that just looking to make a quick profit; these are known as “ghost preparers.”

    The IRS added that care should be taken with preparers offering taxpayers large refunds or charge the base rate considering the size of the refund.

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    Finally, the IRS recommends looking for a preparer who works year-round, check their record on the IRS website. Better Business Bureau or State Board of Accounting and Lawyers, always ask about their service fees and make sure they offer the IRS e-file service.

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