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    Tax refund for the Middle Class of up to $1,050 dollars: where and what to do if you have not received them?

    At least 32,000,000 California resident taxpayers along with their dependents have benefited from the payment of a Middle Class Tax Refund (MCTR) this in order to help middle class and low income people.

    According to the entity’s website Payments began to be distributed on October 7 of last year; However, according to the California Tax Board (FTB), there are still about 5,000 payments to be sent, which they plan to send between the end of September and the first weeks of October of this year.

    To date, according to official figures, approximately 9.6 million deposits have been made on preloaded debit cards by postal mail and some 7.2 million direct payments, In total this represents about $9,000 million dollars according to the FTB.

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    The amount of the Middle Class Tax Refund will depend on the type of return, whether joint or individual, the adjusted gross income reported on your 2020 tax return, and whether you have dependents or not.

    In this case, The maximum payment for joint filers and dependents is $1,050 and a minimum is $600. If they do not have dependents, they are sent a maximum of $700 dollars and a minimum of $400 dollars.

    For those with individual declarations, The maximum amount with dependents is $700 dollars and the minimum amount is $400 dollarsIf you do not have dependents filing taxes, they are sent a maximum of $350 dollars and a minimum of $200 dollars. To know the amounts in detail, you can consult the website.

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    California residents who receive the Middle Class Tax Refund meet eligibility requirements such as:

    As mentioned above, payments began to be issued on October 7, 2022; However, the entity assured that there are still payments to be sent, therefore, it is expected that by In the last week of this month and the first days of October, eligible beneficiaries receive their refund.

    If the refund has not arrived so far, there are several ways to know its status, but before that you can check the account statements in case you expect a direct deposit if the money was deposited or not, if the answer is negative The second thing you can do is contact the provider that issues payments in the state of California, Money Network through their contact number (800) 240-0223, also consult the website for more detailed information.

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