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    Social Security will send payments of $1,800 dollars this June 21: who will receive it

    Because there was an 8.7% increase in the annual cost of living adjustment (COLA), this year the average payments for retirees are located at $1,827 dollarsas reported earlier this year by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

    The entity continues to send payments this month to beneficiaries for both Supplemental Security Income and retired workers. Nevertheless, the amounts will depend on the retirement age.

    Those 62 years old receive about $2,572 dollars per month, those 67 years old about $3,627 dollars and those who extend retirement age up to 70 years have a maximum amount of $4,555 dollars.

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    For this June 21, Social Security will send a payment of $1,800 dollars, which It corresponds to those born between the 11th and 20th of any month.

    On the other hand, the SSA reported that the average amounts of Supplemental Security Income are $914 dollars for individuals and $1,371 dollars for the couple where both spouses are eligible for the program.

    According to the entity, these payments are sent the first days of each month; however, if the day of payment is a holiday or falls on a weekend, the money will be sent one day before. Therefore, Next month’s payment will be made on June 30, since July 1 is a weekend.

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