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    Social Security will send its second round of payments this month: who will receive it and how much is the amount?

    According to the Social Security Administration schedule, this week beneficiaries will begin receiving the second round of payments for this month, The amounts will depend on your retirement age.

    The first round of payments was made last Wednesday, September 13, and was sent to retirees born between the 1st and 10th of any month. In this case, The following deposits correspond to retirees born between the 11th and 20th of any monththe shipping date will be this Wednesday, September 20.

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    The third and final payments will be made on Wednesday, September 27 and will be received by beneficiaries born on or after the 21st of any month.

    Now, those retired before 1997 or who reside outside the country are also sent monthly payments, this month according to the schedule They were deposited on Thursday, September 7, regardless of the day of birth.

    The amounts of the checks depend on retirement age, the amount of contribution made to Social Security and the years of contributions to the program. Therefore, Retirees at age 62 receive $2,572 every month.

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    Retirees at age 67 are sent a maximum amount of $3,627 dollars per month and those retired at age 70 get a payment of up to $4,555 a month.

    Finally, it is expected that in the coming months there will be changes to the program, everything will depend on the decisions made by Congress regarding the financing of Social Security before the trust is exhausted.

    It is also planned that the official calculations of COLA 2024 will be known on October 12, depending on the percentage obtained, retirees could obtain up to a $60 increase in their monthly payments.

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