BusinessSNAP coupons worth $1,116 will be sent this week. Who does it...

    SNAP coupons worth $1,116 will be sent this week. Who does it apply to?

    Starting this Monday, September 4, beneficiaries of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in The state of Alabama will begin receiving food stamp payments, The amounts will depend on the number of members of the household.

    According to the 2023 calendar, Alabama recipients receive their SNAP benefits between the 4th and 23rd of every month. Payments are intended to help low-income households with their food purchases in retail stores, grocery stores, agricultural markets, among others that are authorized.

    As mentioned before, payments depend on the number of members and income in the household, in this case for a single person the amount is $281 dollars, For a household of five people, the maximum monthly payment is $1,116 dollars.

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    In Alabama, families who have a gross monthly income of 130% of the federal poverty level qualify to be within the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

    Alabama beneficiaries also receive their payments depending on the last two digits of their case number, therefore, those ending in 00-04 receive the SNAP benefit on the first days of the month, that is, the 4th, those who end in 05-09 receive day 5 and Finally, those who end in 95-99 will receive payment on the 23rd.

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    About 15% of the population of this state receive SNAP benefits, This represents approximately 761,100 people according to figures presented in 2022 by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.

    In order for a household to receive benefits, the amount of income it receives annually is evaluated. In this case for a single person it should be a maximum of $18,954 dollars and for a household of five members, a maximum of $45,682 dollars annually.

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