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    Six tips to save on groceries, gasoline and other products in the midst of inflation in the US

    Six tips to save on groceries, gasoline and other products in the midst of inflation in the US

    One month of decline does not make a trend for inflation, which has been testing the pockets of Americans for monthswhile looking for ways to save on their food and gas bills.

    The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for last July showed a slight drop to 8.5%, according to the Department of Labor; however, for analysts, one month of decline does not make a trend.

    According to Joe Brusuelas, chief economist at RSM US LLP, high prices will stay that way for at least two or three yearsbefore the CPI returns to the Federal Reserve’s 2% target.

    “While we are encouraged by the decline in prices for raw materials, energy and gasoline, the 10.5% increase in food and the 7.4% increase in the cost of housing will continue to act as a drag on households’ overall disposable income”, indicated Brusuelas, in a report by Go Banking Rates.

    Given this scenario, experts recommend that, as long as the budget can be relieved through savings, it will be necessary to choose to do so.

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    Avoid markets where there are few offers and in general offer products that you could buy cheaper in grocery stores or supermarkets.

    These types of businesses generally offer discounts that are a very good idea to take advantage of in a climate of high inflation.

    In the case of supermarkets, organize special discount sales every week where you will find the products you normally consume, but at a better price.

    in the last few months the use of digital applications that give you money back has increased if you make purchases through their platforms.

    This is the case of applications and extensions for desktop computers like Rakuten and Ibottta, with which you can buy various products and get money back.

    But it also highlights Checkout 51, with which you can get rebates when you pay for car gas.

    Some of the products that supermarkets sell as their own brands are, on many occasions, made by the same companies that sell their products with recognized brands.

    However, when it comes to saving, opting for the retailers’ own brands is your option, as these products are cheaper.

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    You don’t have to worry about qualityin the case of own brands, the products can satisfy the demands of almost any consumer.

    Using the car in these days of high prices without having a clear destination or a clear direction can be very expensive.

    Experts recommend that before leaving home, plan the places you have to go and look for the least congested routes.

    Planning your trips helps you spend less, not only when you travel by private car, but also when you travel by public transport, since you can find routes that save you money on fares.

    One of the ways in which more is spent on gasoline is when the vehicle is stationary and with the engine running.

    Traffic jams are part of most trips in big cities; however, if you have the opportunity to plan your routes with the use of technologyyou are likely to save.

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    It is always recommended that all the slopes that you have to do throughout the day with your vehicle, try to do them in low traffic hoursThis way you will also save on gasoline.

    During extreme weather seasons, whether it’s too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, electricity and gas bills tend to go up.

    Keeping control of spending in these months is complicated; nevertheless, you can prepare for this season of higher energy costs.

    For example, with an initial cost of waterproofing you could save on the energy bill, the same if you buy a programmable thermostat.

    Another action you can take at home to reduce electricity consumption is that you unplug all appliances and electronics that you are not using.

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