BusinessSheetz will offer a gallon of gas for $1.99 during Thanksgiving week

    Sheetz will offer a gallon of gas for $1.99 during Thanksgiving week

    This Thanksgiving week many Americans will be able to take their road trips and at the same time save money on gas at an unusually low price: less than two dollars a gallon.

    Sheetz gas stations are offering 88 unleaded gasoline for $1.99 a gallon at 368 of its service stations from Monday to November 28.

    “We hope that this price reduction will provide the much-needed relief for our clients as they travel for the Thanksgiving holiday,” Sheetz CEO Travis Sheetz said in a press release.

    Only 88 unleaded will drop in price, so the offer is only available at the 368 locations where Sheetz sells that type of gasoline.

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    The offer comes as Americans grapple with another holiday season complicated by inflation. The national average price of gasoline is higher than a year ago, $3.66 vs. $3,408according to AAA, but below the summer record of $5,016 dollars.

    Sheetz is one of the main suppliers of Unleaded 88. Experts say that this type of gasoline offers slightly lower consumption compared to regular and also emits fewer gas emissions

    This fuel blend, also known as E15, can be used in most vehicles 2001 and later model year passenger cars, as well as light trucks, SUVs and flex-fuel vehicles, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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    88 Unleaded has the same composition as 87 Unleaded, except that 88 contains 5% more ethanol. Sheetz added that the 88 unleaded burns cleaner and it’s better for car engines than 87.

    In this regard, Patrick De Haan, head of oil analysis at GasBuddy, previously recommended that drivers check your owner manuals before loading their cars with this gasoline.

    “Most cars will be fine with up to 15% ethanol included in the fuel, and if it’s fine, go for it,” GasBuddy noted.

    Gasoline and convenience store chain also offers additional points in your rewards app to those who use the promo code “FUELUP88” during the promotion. Points can be applied toward future gas discounts.

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    Sheetz bills itself as a restaurant and convenience store chain and has more than 600 locations in six states: Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and North Carolina.

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