BusinessRequests for monthly direct payment of $1,000 dollars in Los Angeles begin...

    Requests for monthly direct payment of $1,000 dollars in Los Angeles begin this June 20: who is eligible

    From this Tuesday, June 20 to Monday, July 3, applications will be open for the Los Angeles County Breathe Guaranteed Income Program, in which about 200 foster children are expected to be chosenwho will receive monthly payments of up to $1,000 dollars for two years.

    These new applications are an expansion of the project that began in 2022, where some 1,000 previously selected people, will receive about $1,000 per month until 2025.

    According to the agency, new applicants must meet certain requirements for their application, such as: they must be foster youth from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, be at least 21 years old and not turn 24 before September 1 of this year.

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    Likewise, they must include family income data, which must be equal to or less than the median income, in addition to having been affected by the pandemic such as job loss or illness.

    For their part, the University of Pennsylvania and other researchers will conduct a control study of program applicants who wish to participate, in this investigation you will be asked to provide information about your general well-beingfor those who participate you will be assigned a $30 gift card for each survey you take and complete.

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