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    Price of the dollar: how much is the exchange rate today March 20 in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela

    The dollar starts this week strengthened against several of its peers, and the emerging Latin American currencies are no exception. Against the Mexican peso, today the dollar falls, despite the fact that yesterday the Aztec currency gained value.

    The green bill depreciates today at the beginning of the day in the Mexican market and is trading at 18.82 pesos per unit. At the bank window, the average purchase price is 18.81 pesos per dollar unit; and for sale the average is 18.83 pesos per dollar.

    In Honduras, the dollar maintains its price and the trend remains upward. The average price today is 24.66 lempiras per green ticket unit; and for the purchase and sale, the maximums and minimums move slightly between 24.52 and 24.80 lempiras per dollar, respectively.

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    The exchange rate in Nicaragua moves little for the dollar, but the trend remains positive. The price remains at 36.57 cordobas per dollar unit, according to markers. For buying and selling, the price is between 36.15 cordobas and 37.00 cordobas per dollar.

    In Costa Rica, as is not usual, the dollar today maintains a negative trend and is trading downwards. Today’s exchange rate is 541.72 colones per dollar unit. With an average purchase and sale that moves slightly between 540.65 for the purchase and 542.80 colones per dollar.

    The dollar in the Dominican Republic maintains its upward trend and today is trading at 54.87 pesos per dollar unitand for buying and selling the average moves between 54.63 dop and 55.11 dop per dollar unit.

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    The green ticket in Venezuela remains at the floor of 24 bolivars. Today it is trading at 24.17 bolivars per dollar unit. For the purchase and sale, the average is between 24.14 and 24.20 bolivars per green ticket.

    Follow the movement of the price of the dollar during the exchange day in real time against other emerging currencies. You can also follow the trend of the US currency according to international markers and local banks:
    Mexico: exchange rate in real time
    Honduras: exchange rate in real time
    Nicaragua: price of the dollar in real time
    Costa Rica: price of the dollar in real time
    Dominican Republic: exchange rate in real time
    Venezuela: price of the dollar in real time

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    The cryptocurrencies, after advancing quite well on Friday, today start the week in red, except for Solana and Binance, which are listed in green. However, Bitcoin and Ethereum show appreciation in the accumulated of 7 days. Follow the price of cryptocurrencies and their volatility in real time.
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