BusinessPrice of the dollar: how much does it cost today, January 12,...

    Price of the dollar: how much does it cost today, January 12, in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela

    Today the exchange day begins by reacting to the inflation data from the United States, which calms expectations of new tough measures by the Fed. In the Mexican market, the US currency is weakening once again and is already falling below the floor of 19 pesos.

    In Mexico, the green bill is trading at 18.94 pesos per dollar unit. At the bank window, the average purchase price is 18.58 per unit and the price for sale is 19.30 pesos per dollar unit.

    In Honduras, the dollar averages with a positive trend, but the truth is that with little movement. The price remains 24.67 lempiras per unit of green bills, and the average of maximums and minimums is 24.54 and 24.80 lempiras per dollar, respectively.

    In Nicaragua, the dollar continues with a positive trend, but there is not much movement in the value of the greenback against the local currency. The day is shown with a market value the same as yesterday at 36.51 cordobas per unit of greenback, the average for buying and selling the trend remains between 36.02 cordobas and 37.00 cordobas per dollar, respectively.

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    In Costa Rica, the dollar resumes its advance ground and today it is trading in the green against the local currency, the colon. The average price is 579.53 colones per dollar unit. The US currency moves in Costa Rica at an average between 578.35.40 for purchase and 580.70 colones per dollar for sale.

    In Dominican Republic the greenback moves with a positive trend in today’s session. It is trading at 56.69 DOP per dollar unit. For the purchase and sale of the green ticket in Dominican banks, the price is calculated on average between 56.45 pesos and 56.93 DOP per dollar unit, respectively.

    The dollar in Venezuela remains on the rise and already the barrier of 19 bolivars per unit of greenback. Today it trades, according to the rate of the central bank of Venezuela, at 19.02 bolivars per dollar unit. The average range is 19.00 and 19.05 Bs. per green ticket for the purchase and sale respectively.

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    You can follow the dollar exchange rate in real time against these emerging currencies and their trends according to international markers and some banks:
    Mexico: price of the peso in Mexican banks
    Honduras: exchange rate in real time
    Nicaragua: price of the dollar in real time
    Costa Rica: price of the dollar in real time
    Dominican Republic: exchange rate in real time
    Venezuela: price of the dollar in real time

    To follow the exchange rate and send remittances, check the real-time prices of the greenback in the destination country before making an online transfer and compare prices. For each country that receives remittances, you can use a comparative table with the amount to be sent in US dollars.: Price table.

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    Today the cryptocurrencies reflect, for the most part, a positive value again at the beginning of the day. Cryptos such as bitcoin, ethereum, cardano, dogecoin, among others, are shown in green. While cryptos like tether, XRP and binance USD lose value in the morning hours. This may change during the day, due to the volatility of digital currencies. Follow the exchange rate in real time.

    The inflationary issue today once again occupies space in the US news, and continues to set the tone. Although with the data for December 2022, expectations of a new aggressive response by the Fed to control inflation have calmed down.

    Inflation data gives a slight respite, settling at 6.5%. This is the lowest level of inflation in the last 12 months, which is good news for consumers, although according to the Fed’s targets it is still high.

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