BusinessPossible railroad strike in the US: it would be "devastating" for the...

    Possible railroad strike in the US: it would be “devastating” for the economy, they anticipate

    The threat of a rail strike in the middle of the December sales season it would be “devastating” for companies and the economy of the United States, considered retail groups in the country.

    When it seemed that the business sector gave good news about the possibility that avoiding a recession could be feasibleafter several reports of income with sales with gains, the threat of a strike arises and seems to gain strength.

    What seemed like a definitive intervention by the federal government with the installation of President Joe Biden’s Emergency Presidential Board, fell apart this week, when it was learned that one of the most important unions in the sector rejected a possible deal.

    The Transportation Division of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART-TD) reported Monday that it did not have a favorable solution to adhere to the solution proposal.

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    Until the start of this week, at least a third of the 12 railway unions of the country had rejected a possible solution, mainly with the rejection of the section of the workers of trains and motors.

    after the news, the threat of a strike occurring increases and is expected as early as December, in the height of the US Christmas shopping season.

    The impact of a rail strike would be “devastating” for companies in the country and for the economy in general, some retail associations have warned.

    “would cause a huge disruption in the flow of goods across the country, the effects of which would ripple through the supply chain and throughout the United States economy,” Jess Dankert, vice president of Supply Chains for the Association of Retail Industry Leaders, said in a statement to Fox. Business.

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    Thankfully, Dankert added, many of the Christmas shipments are complete on retail shelves across the country, however, the impacts would be seen from next year.

    For his part, the executive director of the National Retail Federation, Matthew Shay, also warned about the effects of a possible strike on the US railroads.

    “(It would be) devastating to American businesses, consumers and the nation’s economy as a whole,” he said in a statement.

    Dankert added that the negative effects would reach the budgets of consumerssince a new disturbance in the domestic supply chain would directly affect the prices of the products.

    “It represents a significant challenge for items such as perishable food products and e-commerce shipments to be delivered on time and, without a doubt, will add to inflationary pressures that already affect the US economy”, he considered.

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    Shay agreed on the fears that a strike would fuel the already historic inflation that is challenging family and company budgets.

    “Smooth and stable operations on the rails they are absolutely crucial this Christmas season and they should not be derailed by a rejection of the contract”, he estimated.

    The deadline for railway companies and unions to find a solution expires next December 8.

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