BusinessMore than half of workers in the US exercise the "quiet resignation",...

    More than half of workers in the US exercise the “quiet resignation”, according to a Gallup poll

    More than half of workers in the US exercise the "quiet resignation", according to a Gallup poll

    The trend known as the “silent resignation” haunts hundreds of companies in the United States, not because their employees are going to make the decision to leave their jobs en masse, but because Every day they arrive disconnected from their responsibilities.

    The so-called “silent resignation” has more to do with the lack of connection an employee feels to their job and by the company you work for, which with millions of resignations on the bosses’ desks.

    According to a Gallup poll, More than half of American workers say they practice “silent resignation”which can be threatening to the productivity of companies.

    As has been said, the “silent resignation” does not refer to a worker actually submitting his resignation from the company, but rather to a series of behaviors that, according to the employers, disengage him.

    Among these behaviors are setting limits and refusing to work on weekends or nights; These are people who are very dissatisfied with their professional development and who may turn to social networks to express their work problems.

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    According to the Gallup poll, this group of workers, in addition to being “not engaged,” they do the minimum required in their jobs and they are “psychologically disconnected” from their employees.

    The company would have to pay attention to this phenomenon, because according to the results of the survey, the number of employees in the United States who practice “silent resignation” increased to 18% in 2022, from 14% in 2020.

    The so-called “silent resignation” is the result of changes that the labor market suffered during the covid-19 pandemicduring which millions of workers were sent home to do remote work.

    In the process, many of America’s workers questioned their relationship to their own jobs, which sowed the seed of dissatisfaction which now leaves them at the center of the “silent resignation”.

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    “Something is happening right now that shows there has been a deterioration of the employee-employer relationship, and that is contributing to it,” said Jim Harter, chief scientist for Gallup’s Workplace Management Practice. in an interview for CBS.

    reflection is the resistance that many workers have shown to return to their jobs now that companies are calling for a return to the office or implementing hybrid work models.

    “That worries me, people feel less connected to their organizations“, indicated the Gallup specialist.

    According to the results of the Gallup poll, it is not only workers who have opted for the “quiet resignation”, but also managers are under this labor phenomenon.

    At least 1 out of every three managers assures that are poorly emotionally or psychologically engaged in their work; which is dangerous for companies, as they could cause a cascading effect of “silent resignations”.

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    “The role is more complex now because of all these hybrid and remote work situations, and they have to be handled in different ways,” Harter added.

    According to the results of the Gallup poll, the majority of workers and managers who are in the midst of the “quiet resignation”, are already looking for a new jobin the midst of a labor market that remains very active.

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