BusinessMore than half of US workers don't feel "engaged" in their jobs,...

    More than half of US workers don’t feel “engaged” in their jobs, survey finds

    Added to the wave of layoffs is a wave of lack of disconnection among workers in the United States, since according to data from a new survey, more than half feel little or no commitment to their jobs.

    This is shown by new data from a survey carried out by Gallup, in which it is observed that the commitment of workers with their companies is diluted as the offices return to pre-pandemic routines.

    According to the results of the survey, 50% of the workers consulted said that they are not committed to their jobs; while another 18% said they are “actively disconnected”.

    This represents nearly three-quarters of workers surveyed by Gallup and reflects that employee engagement with their companies is waning as the work flexibility of the pandemic wanes.

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    “When the pandemic first hit, engagement peaked, people felt that your organization cares about their well-beingit peaked,” said Jim Harter, chief scientist for the Workplace Management Practice at Gallup.

    “So there was a very good response from the organizations from the beginning, and since then, it has decreased significantly,” added the also author of the report in a report from NBCNews.

    On the opposite side of the coin, only 32% of American workers said they you feel committed to your work.

    However, this figure was less than the 36% who assured them in 2020 and the 34% who said so in 2021, the worst years of the pandemic.

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    Another indicator Gallup highlighted from the report was that as employee engagement crumbles, the percentage of employees it says are “actively disengaged” is rising.

    The data shows that in 2020 14% of those surveyed claimed it, while for 2021, the data rose to 18%.

    According to Gallup’s analysis, workers in this situation “they are disgruntled and disloyal because most of their needs in the workplace are not being met.”

    Meanwhile, the author of the study added that the group that assured that it is not engaged in its work, can satisfy some needs in its work; Nevertheless, are determined to do “the minimum required and not much more”.

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    To conduct the survey, Gallup asked questions about productivity, well-being, work environment, values ​​and growth opportunities, among other items. For the survey, heThe firm asked 15,000 full- and part-time adult workers.

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    Source: La Opinion

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