BusinessMore than 300 jobs could be affected by artificial intelligence, according to...

    More than 300 jobs could be affected by artificial intelligence, according to Goldman Sachs

    In a report published this Sunday by Goldman Sachs economists, it was shown that 18% of work worldwide could be fully computerized, In other words, more than 300 million full-time jobs would be affected in one way or another by the introduction of artificial intelligence.

    The study specialists pointed out that two-thirds of current jobs in the United States and Europe will be exposed to AI automation, therefore, indicated that the effects will be more profound in countries with advanced economies than in emerging markets.

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    In the United States specifically, the firm assured that between 25% to 50% of the workers could be replaced. “Most workers are employed in occupations that are partially exposed to AI automation and, following AI adoption, are likely to apply at least part of their freed capacity to productive activities that increase output,” the report highlighted.

    Now, what could be some of those jobs? According to analysts, administrative jobs are at great risk. Since the AI ​​would have the ability to do up to a quarter of the tasks, For example; GPT chat possesses the qualities of rehearsing, responding to prompts, which could easily be the replacement for some people.

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    For specialists, artificial intelligence “delivers all promised capabilities, the labor market could face significant disruption,” the economists wrote. For their part, manual labor may be safe for a while. Occupations that require physical activities such as construction or repair, according to analysts, will suffer “little effect.”

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