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    Memorial Day 2023: Price of a classic barbecue is 9% more than last year

    The tradition of a barbecue this year for Memorial Day or Memorial Day, will be much more expensive than last year, The average price of a barbecue this 2023 is $27.32 dollars, as opposed to $25.07 dollars in 2022that is, 9% more.

    In this sense, food economist David Ortega pointed out that “most people will pay more for hamburger buns and condiments than a year ago, and the price of beer has also increasedhe told the New York Post.

    Since last year, the price of food has skyrocketed, inflation has caused the pockets of Americans to tighten due to the high costs of services, goods and rents that are added to the necessary purchases of the home.

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    A classic barbecue of eight hamburgers, hot dogs, condiments and drinks must be taken out of the cost of, for example: the ketchup that for this year increased by 28%, the hot dog buns and hamburgers also raised their prices by 7%, the sausages went from costing $3.34 to $3.44 dollars, while ground beef dropped in price from $7.04 to $7.01 dollars.

    Grocery prices rose 7.1%, while the consumer price index stood at 4.9%, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is because since last year many manufacturers have faced challenges with the cost of ingredients.

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