BusinessLouisiana tax revenue increased 7% in June compared to the previous year

    Louisiana tax revenue increased 7% in June compared to the previous year

    For the sixth month in a row, Louisiana state revenue ranks highest, according to a report in the month of June they increased by 7% compared to the previous year, that is, $788 million dollars.

    Compared to 2021, the figure totaled $12.530 million dollars. In detail, Revenue for the month of June was approximately nearly $1.25 billion compared to those of fiscal year 2022 which were $1,090 million dollars.

    As to individual income taxes last month the amount reached $399 million dollars compared to the $366 million last year, that is to say that for this year there was an increase of 1%.

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    Regarding sales tax revenue to date, they have shown an increase of 3%, that is, $111 million dollars, taking 2022 as a reference, with the decrease of last month it was located at $316 million dollars after the $395 million dollars were raised.

    Corporate franchise taxes increased a total of $356 million after the June levies, compared to 2022 which was $185 million.

    Finally, severance tax revenue for the month of June rose to $84 million, more than what was raised in 2021 when it reached $29 million dollars, So far in 2023, collections in this sector increased by 83% compared to 2022.

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