BusinessLayoffs at Disney: First round begins this week to eliminate 7,000 positions

    Layoffs at Disney: First round begins this week to eliminate 7,000 positions

    Following an announcement made last February, Disney confirmed that the first round will begin layoffs massive worldwide.

    The goal, according to the company, is to cut 7,000 jobsaccording to its CEO, Bob Iger, who confirmed that the layoffs at Disney began on Monday.

    This is the first planned round of three, with which Disney also seeks to implement a global strategy to reduce costsBefore adjustments that its executive management has considered essential for the future.

    “In difficult times, we must always do what is necessary to ensure that Disney can continue to offer exceptional entertainment to audiences and guests around the world, now and long into the future,” said the Disney CEO.

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    The initiative to reduce millions of dollars in costs, Disney seeks to optimize its operations in the midst of an escalation of global adjustments in the media and in companies in the technology sector.

    According to an internal memo obtained CNNthe first round of layoffs at Disney is underway and it will be the turn of the managers of the affected areas to give the corresponding notices.

    According to Iger, employees who are going to lose their jobs They will begin to be notified this weekaccording to the internal document.

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    However, this first round is not expected to be the one that will affect Disney workers the most, since it will not be until the second round when the layoffs will be made on a massive scale.

    In accordance with the layoff schedule, Disney plans to carry out the second round of cuts from April and “thousands of employees” are expected to be laid off.

    Meanwhile, the third round of layoffs still does not have a specific date; however, according to internal Disney documents, this will be completed before the summer begins.

    By the end of the three rounds of layoffs, Disney will have cut 7,000 jobs globally.

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    According to the latest known data, Disney had a workforce of 220,000 workers around the world, until October 1 of last year.

    The planned cuts point to the company getting rid of 3% of this global workforce.

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