BusinessJohnny Depp Sells His First 'Five' Self-Portrait For Less Than $2,000

    Johnny Depp Sells His First ‘Five’ Self-Portrait For Less Than $2,000

    Hollywood star Johnny Depp announced that he has put up for sale as a limited-time edition a self-portrait titled “five”, which was created at a “challenging time” in his life, amid the dispute with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

    The piece is being sold through Castle Fine Art and in it you can see the face of the actor on a gray background, What is striking and striking about the artwork are the red spots that surround his face.

    Castle Fine Art director and manager Ian Weatherby-Blythe noted: “I think this is the most personal piece he’s ever done,” he said. For his part, Depp mentioned that “it was created at a time that was, shall we say, a little dark, a little confusing”said while adding that “essentially, I just wrote ‘Five’ because I was about to enter the fifth year of the madness,” he said.

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    The celebrity noted that the moment she checks the self-portrait’s eyes over and over again she realizes there is something significant behind them “there’s something, you know, quite sad,” she said despite the overall piece being a beautiful portrait.

    Besides, the copies of the self-portrait signed as “five” already went on sale on July 20 for a cost of $1,950 dollars, $200 of which from each sale will be donated to the non-profit organization, Mental Health America.

    Ian Weatherby-Blythe finally added that other collections of the author such as the series of portraits “Friends & Heroes” can also be seen in the gallery.

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