BusinessIRS Warns of Refund Deposit "Myths"

    IRS Warns of Refund Deposit “Myths”

    Since January 23 of this year, the tax season began, which ends on April 18, although the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has already announced a series of changes and has advised taxpayers about some fraud, in this opportunity warns of “myths” that will presumably help determine when the refund payment will be made.

    Refund payments are one of the most anticipated deposits of the year by taxpayers. Despite the fact that this year the compensation will be 11% less because many tax breaks given during the pandemic will cease to exist, it is estimated that on average it is about $2,972 dollars according to recent IRS data.

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    Recently, the IRS has debunked some myths about how to know the exact refund date:

    The agents of Internal Revenue Service does not have enough information to know when the refund check will be mailedIn this case, the entity makes available the website where taxpayers can consult and follow the instructions.

    According to the IRS there are eventualities such as: have a child, get married, salary increase, among others that can change tax statustherefore recommends that the hold also be changed if you already received a refund. In this case, use the “Tax Withholding Estimator” tool to find out if you should make the change or not.

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    The IRS explains that not all people receive deposits with the expected amounts, since the entity may have made adjustments. “Some taxpayers may also receive a letter from the Treasury Department’s Office of Fiscal Service if they your refund was reduced to offset certain financial obligationsthe agency said. You can check under “Where is my refund?”.

    If the tax return has already been filed, it is best to wait. Most refunds are issued within 21 business days of submission.

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