BusinessInflation 2022 in the US: which products or services maintained their prices...

    Inflation 2022 in the US: which products or services maintained their prices this year

    Inflation 2022 in the US: which products or services maintained their prices this year

    The consequences of COVID-19 on the economy, the war that Russia is waging with Ukraine, and several other factors contributed to raising inflation during most of the year in the United States, in such a way that the prices of fuels, energy and the cost of living rose.

    Nevertheless, there were certain cases in which the prices of products and services not only remained stable, but even decreasedsince the objective of the companies in charge of marketing them is to maintain the confidence of their clients in the face of the omen that next year the country could experience a recession.

    After the boom in video game sales during the most critical phase of the pandemic, due to the fact that they represented an entertainment option, with the return to normality, their marketing tended to fall.

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    For this reason, manufacturers chose to keep most games for Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles in an average range of $60 dollars, which is good news for Christmas and the gifts that come with it.

    Throughout the year The price of mobile phones from brands such as Apple, Samsung and other less relevant brands remained unchanged.
    However, some of their older models have lowered their cost to try to get them to consumers before the new models come out, some of which may be a long time coming.

    The semiconductor crisis that the auto industry experienced last year was largely caused by semiconductors being supplied to manufacturers of electronic devices, including television screens.

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    This situation led to the fact that in a matter of months and after overcoming the most critical phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping centers were flooded with screens and this led to the fact that they are currently sold 16.5% cheaper than the previous year. this according to the Consumer Price Index

    Since last year, the price of software and accessories for computer equipment presents a slight decrease of -0.9% and according to various analysts, this trend will continue until tax season arrives.

    Throughout the year, the cost of the service to download music remained through the platforms of companies such as Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify, as well as other lower-ranking companies. This trend will continue at least until the end of winter.

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    The high competition that prevailed since before the emergence of the pandemic and the possibility of exercising from home with the help of some virtual training system, lThe room for maneuver to increase their prices was limited to the owners of the gymsin such a way that they remained without movement during 2022.

    In addition, it is most likely that prices will tend to decrease at the start of next year due to the promotions that gyms usually carry out to attract new subscribers.

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