BusinessHomeowners and Tenants could receive up to $1,750 in refunds. Where and...

    Homeowners and Tenants could receive up to $1,750 in refunds. Where and how to request it?

    Earlier this year at least 1.3 million New Jersey homeowners and renters received rebate payments from the ANCHOR program that provides property tax relief for 2019, but it is expected that by Refunds covering the 2020 fiscal year will be automatically sent before November 1.

    According to Governor Phil Murphy “this will undoubtedly be good news for millions of residents throughout the Garden State,” he said while mentioning that “Not only will the benefit for many seniors greatly increase, but the process will be much easier for residents in general. “I want to thank the Treasury and the Division of Taxation for working day and night to simplify the path to a more affordable New Jersey,” he highlighted.

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    The first beneficiaries received a letter from the Tax Division of the Treasury Department confirming your eligibility for the program as well as a notification ensuring that you do not need to reapply to receive payment.

    Now, for those who have not yet claimed their refund, you can send the request before December 29, once sent within 90 business days the money will begin to be distributed, but unlike the first refunds the payment increased and now owners will receive between $1,000 to $1,750 dollarswhile renters will get between $450 to $700 dollars.

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    If this is the first time you are going to request payment of reimbursements from the ANCHOR program or you have not received your confirmation letter, it is important that you know that some requirements must be met such as:

    For your part, if you are a tenant you must meet these requirements:

    You can consult other information related to the program through the website.

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