BusinessGeorgia residents will receive direct payments of up to $300 through the...

    Georgia residents will receive direct payments of up to $300 through the LIHWAP program

    Because the costs of many of the basic services have increased throughout the state of Georgia due to the rampant inflationresidents will be able to receive financial assistance through the Low Income Home Water Assistance Programor LIHWAP to cover billing expenses.

    The entity explained that when applying for this support financed by the federal government, eligible households with past due bills will receive $200-$300 and the same amount for those beneficiaries who do not expire on their services. This program takes into consideration applicants’ income and household size.

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    To apply, those interested must schedule an appointment through the local Community Action Agency, in this case meet the requirements: have income at or below 60% of state standardsyou must be a US or legal immigrant and most importantly, your water supply must be from a provider that is part of the LIHWAP program.

    Although, the agency opened applications from November 1, 2021 and the aid began to be distributed in mid-2022. States registered with the program have until December 31 of this year to provide the funds. Therefore, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, those eligible must spend the aid before this deadline.

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    This program was promoted during the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to provide economic relief to low-income people and thus ensure that all homes have water, as a method of prevention against high infections.

    However, LIHWAP continues to offer such assistance to eligible recipients who have water service through public pipes.

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