BusinessFind out what the buying and selling prices of the US dollar...

    Find out what the buying and selling prices of the US dollar are today, Wednesday, September 13, in Mexico and the main countries

    The price of the dollar today appears equally strengthened against several of its emerging peers, but is experiencing changes in the Aztec market.

    The price of the US dollar this Wednesday, September 13, 2023 closed with an exchange value of 17.14 Mexican pesosaccording to information provided by Dow Jones.

    Regarding international money transfer companies such as Western Union/MoneyGram, the dollar is trading today at 17.18 and 16.98 MXN respectively.

    Against the Mexican peso, The dollar is trading in red at a value of 17.14 pesos per dollar and the trend remains downward this week.

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    In Honduras the dollar maintains its price and the trend remains upward. Today’s average price has been 24.59 lempiras per unit of greenback.

    The dollar exchange rate in Nicaragua continues without major variations after the closing of the foreign exchange market. The price is now at 36.17 cordobas per dollar unit.

    In Costa Rica, the dollar reverses its regular trend and traded negative this day. After remaining downward the previous day, today it was quoted at 532.79 colones per dollar unit.

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    The dollar in the Dominican Republic contained its downward trend and Its closing values ​​were 56.62 pesos per dollar unitdata for sale.

    Finally, the greenback in Venezuela is experiencing a rise in its price after the currency closure. Today the day closed at 33.49 bolivars per dollar unit.

    When sending money from the United States, we recommend you compare prices: take into account the exchange rate and the commissions received by different remittance companies. Identify the country you are sending to, enter the amount to send and calculate the costs.

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