BusinessFacebook users involved in the $725 million settlement have until Friday to...

    Facebook users involved in the $725 million settlement have until Friday to make their claim

    Facebook users in the United States who are part of the privacy agreement of $ 725 million dollars You will have until this Friday, August 25 at 11:59 pm to file your claim.

    The lawsuit that began in 2018, against the parent company of Meta, in which the British consultancy “Cambridge Analytica” was also involved, highlights that for that year the personal data of some 87 million American users on Facebook was violated. .

    Facebook users who reside in the United States and who also had an account on the platform between May 2007 and December 2022, can make the claim, even if they have already closed their account.

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    Until now, the amount that each affected user will receive has not been determined, because the number of claims that have been filed so far is unknown. Therefore, the more users present their demand, the less money those affected will receive.

    The hearing for approval of the claim, It is scheduled for next Thursday, September 7, In this case, the compensation money will be sent immediately after the case is closed.

    Now, in case your claim has been approved during the hearing, right to sue Facebook separately will be waived either by factual allegations or individual legal claims that are resolved during this settlement.

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