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    Domino’s Pizza offers 20% discount on its entire menu to combat inflation: from pizza, pasta to drinks

    The Domino’s pizzeria chain has a very good promotion to pamper the pockets of its customers, which you cannot miss.

    In the midst of the dizzying rise in prices, derived from inflation in the US, which has impacted the menus of several restaurants, the company offers a 20% discount on its entire menu, from pizza, pasta to drinks and desserts.

    The digital offer, called Inflation Relief Deal, is available for delivery, takeout or pick up at one of the Domino’s Hotspots. It can be applied through website orders, mobile app, through one of the AnyWare platforms, or even through your car, smart watch and TV, Google Home, and more.

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    The network’s US and global services president Joe Jordan said in a press release that the promotion seeks to cushion the high prices of inflation facing some heavy expenses such as back-to-school purchases and after going through difficult times in one of the highest inflationary peaks in 40 years.

    “It’s no surprise that prices have gone up on just about everything, from milk to eggs to gasoline and even delivery services. No one has been spared inflation, including restaurants. We want to give customers a break as they have been emptying their pockets all summerbut they shouldn’t have to to enjoy a delicious pizza,” he said.

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    Jordan said he hopes customers will partake in this great deal and enjoy their favorite menu items. “Everything on the menu at Domino’s is 20% off: pizza, cheesy stuffed bread, chocolate lava crisp cakes, you name it, it’s included,” he said.

    The promotion comes after reports showed that inflation has led to a drop in customers at some fast-food restaurants.

    Despite low footfall, the company reported second-quarter 2022 global retail sales of more than $4 billion, with more than $2 billion in the United States. Even during the pandemic, its pace of sales was consistent and its shares reached all-time highs, along with other companies such as Starbucks and Chipotle.

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    Source: La Opinion

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