BusinessDespite everything, Elon Musk has many fans and they defend him, although...

    Despite everything, Elon Musk has many fans and they defend him, although they don’t even understand what he is doing with Twitter

    Since Elon Musk tried to back out of the purchase of Twitter in exchange for $44 billion, his problems related to the communications company have not ceased. and even now they also shake the value of Tesla shares, the crown jewel in the fortune held by the South African tycoon.

    However, other visionaries who have succeeded in the business world and thousands of subscribers to the blue bird platform assure that Musk’s adjustments are going in the right direction. and they will soon begin to be reflected in the repositioning of the company founded in 2006.

    The mass layoffs of thousands of employees and the resignation of hundreds more, as well as the sudden exits of the advertisers that provided the majority of the company’s revenue, have left Twitter in a very vulnerable situation, at least at first glance. and even last week there was talk of the death of the company.

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    Nevertheless, Voices like Ross Gerber, president and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management, point out that perhaps this is part of the strategy used by Elon Musk to make it resurface like a “Phoenix”.

    “I think none of this has gone as planned. Zero percent. This is how Elon works. That’s how he is. I’m never going to bet against this guy,” she recently contended.}

    Likewise, the expert financial adviser believes that purging Twitter to keep only the most valuable personnel will give it a seal of excellence above the rest of its competitors.

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    “The goal was to narrow the company down to the people who actually saw the vision and the goal. And it turns out that it is going to shrink much more than I think he thought,” she said.

    Meanwhile, Elon Musk can boast that, just as hundreds of former Twitter employees refused to be part of his project and resigned, people capable of working for free at the company have emerged, as is the case of George Hotz, who At the time, he founded an autonomous driving company and after offering to collaborate free of charge to promote a new stage of Twitter, since the weekend he is already part of the company as a volunteer.

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    Perhaps this is where the fact derives from the fact that characters like the billionaire Marc Andreessen have also established their position of supporting Musk until the end, because after seeing how he clung to Tesla’s dream and later his adventure with SpaceX, to make them leaders in their respective business areas know they could do the same with Twitter.

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