BusinessCryptocurrencies in the US: Only 8% of Americans believe they are positive,...

    Cryptocurrencies in the US: Only 8% of Americans believe they are positive, according to a survey

    Cryptocurrencies in the US: Only 8% of Americans believe they are positive, according to a survey

    The current perception that Americans have about cryptocurrencies is not the most optimistic.

    The CNBC All-America Economic Survey showed that only 8% of the US public has a positive view of cryptocurrenciescompared to the 19% registered last March.

    The report made from November 26 to 30 among 800 Americans revealed an increase in the negative view towards digital currencies, which they went from 25% in March to 43% recentlywhile those who gave a neutral stance fell almost in half from 31% to 18%.

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    The series of cryptographic collapses, scandals and bankruptcies, as well as the opinions of some specialists on cryptocurrencies have influenced a different perception towards them.

    In early November, Bitcoin, one of the most important cryptocurrencies, depreciated by more than 75% from its maximum value reached in November 2021 when it traded at $69,000.

    The news came as cryptocurrency exchange FTX filed for bankruptcy. Sam Bankman-Fried, the company’s founder, lost $16 billion in less than a week, in what is considered one of the biggest wealth destructions in history according to Bloomberg.

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    The challenge that cryptocurrencies have is daunting: trying to recover their credibility since reputation seems to be essential for their valuation.

    Regardless of whether the people surveyed invest in cryptocurrencies or not, the report found that the majority of the people interviewed, 53%, are in favor of strong regulation, even comparable to the supervision that stocks and bonds.

    The negative opinions collected in the cryptocurrency survey also coincide with the same time that the public has resented the stocks. Just 26% say now is a good time to invest in stocks, which is two points below last quarter’s survey, which was the most pessimistic in the survey’s 15-year history.

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