BusinessChoosing the Best Translation Agency — 5 Factors You Should Consider

    Choosing the Best Translation Agency — 5 Factors You Should Consider

    When you’re growing your business, acquiring the help of professional translation services agency for the European market is your one-way ticket to success. 

    It’s like the age-old saying advises: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Think about it – how can you ever hope to infiltrate foreign markets when you don’t even speak the local language, let alone fully understand the cultures and customs? 

    Luckily, reputable translation services providers (known as LSPs) specialise in helping businesses expand their horizons by penetrating international markets. In fact, there are currently more than 30,000 translation services worldwide. That’s not even counting the hundreds of thousands of language service providers and translation freelancers. 

    With so many options, how can you ensure you pick the right translation company for the European market? It comes down to 5 key factors. 

    1. Accreditations and Certifications for Translation Agencies

    The first and foremost thing on your checklist should be your selected agency’s credentials. 

    Translation companies have a particular set of rigorous and essential accreditation and certification requirements that they must meet. A well established and trustworthy translation agency will be able to provide their certifications, and usually share them directly on their website. An official translations body in the United Kingdom, The Association of Translation Companies or ‘ATC’, puts forward the following internationally recognised credentials: 

    1. ISO:9001
    2. ISO:17100

    A professional translation agency will have at least one of these certifications. However, most translation agencies tend to have both. 

    Moreover, membership in industry bodies is also a good indicator of expertise. These include organisations such as the ATC and the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)

    • Experience in Your Niche
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    The main thing that distinguishes one translation agency from the other is their respective teams. Each agency will boast a unique team of project managers, account managers, translators and proofreaders with their own skills, aptitudes, and experience in various niches. 

    This diversity is a good thing because it increases your chances of finding an agency with previous experience in your niche. Specifically, they should be up to speed on the jargon, important trends, and past consumer responses. This helps you bypass that initial learning curve and get straight to business

    Ultimately, you’ll save time, avoid mistranslations, and get the best quality translations for your business. 

    You can take it a step ahead and choose translation agencies known for working in your specific niche. Rest assured, you can easily find a translation agency that corresponds to your particular niche. Take our agency; we specialise in legal, financial, medical, technical, and marketing-related translations.

    If you want to be meticulous, you should ask for a proposal with case studies. This way, you can see if the agency you intend to work with has the expertise.

    Remember: good translation agencies will always be obliged to offer you this information. All you have to do is ask. 

    • Translation Specialist

    As you search for the best translation services for the European market, you’ll come across countless agencies that offer translation as one of the many services they offer. 

    These agencies do not specialise in translation. 

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    Hence, while shortlisting possible candidates, you need to zero in on the specific services they offer. If the agency in question provides translation services as a side offering, you can strike it off your list. A service that does not specialise in translation will typically not possess the range of skills to strike the right chord with your audience. 

    On the other hand, an agency that specialises in translation services will be much better, especially in the long run. 

    • Multilingual SEO

    Another great thing about hiring a specialist translation agency is that they are likely to be competent in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

    If you’re thinking about taking your business online, multilingual SEO is necessary. 

    Keep in mind that you’re seeking more than just accurate translations for your web content. After all, SEO is a reasonably specialised skill set in its own right, and not all translation agencies will offer SEO services. 

    Hence, it would help if you had someone who could handle the additional responsibility of optimising the content for the intended market using the target language’s keywords. 

    • Availability of Proofreaders

    The availability of proofreaders may seem like an insignificant thing to consider. After all, don’t all translation services have proofreaders? Someone who is proofreading, handling back translations, and ensuring that the message is clear, concise, and easy to understand? 

    But you’d be surprised to learn just how many agencies overlook this essential step. Not only that, but they will knowingly try to keep this hidden. 

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    So, it’s on you to enquire into the agency’s inner workings and see whether or not they have a team of proofreaders. Trust us; you’d be surprised at just how much a little bit of editing and proofreading can go a long way. 

    Other Important Factors to Consider

    Choosing the best translation services for the European market isn’t easy. In addition to the five factors mentioned above, here are some additional ways you can help yourself pick the right translation agency for your business: 

    • Go with a plan and set your expectations before starting your search. 
    • Keep in mind that native speakers aren’t necessarily good translators. Not only that but being a native speaker is not an official qualification. Instead, appropriate accreditation is necessary. 
    • Ask your chosen agency if they employ the use of Translation Memory tools for medium-to-high repetition level content. These tools improve accuracy and reliability and decrease overall costs. 


    If you’re contemplating expanding your business into foreign markets, choosing the right translation services for the European market is crucial. 

    Indeed, the success of your business venture depends, first and foremost, on which translation service agency you choose. 

    But don’t let the painstaking task of finding the right translation agency stop you. 

    You only need to consider five main factors: accreditation, previous niche experience, multilingual SEO skills, specialist status, and team structure. Plus, getting access to all this information is easier than you think!

    With these factors in mind, you can easily shortlist the best translation services for the European market. 

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