BusinessChipotle Seeks to Hire 15,000 Employees Amid Persistent Labor Shortage

    Chipotle Seeks to Hire 15,000 Employees Amid Persistent Labor Shortage

    Chipotle has opened the portfolio for hire 15,000 people in the United States and fill thousands of positions you need before the busy spring season begins.

    As the tech industry plunges into massive layoffs, the fast food industry has not recovered from understaffing that he lost during the hardest months of the pandemic.

    The director of Chipotle Restaurants, Scott Boatwright, explained that the company seeks to guarantee that each of the chains have the necessary number of employees between March and Maythe months in which the chain usually has more customers.

    But not only that, while technology companies contract their workforces, with more than 190,000 cuts in recent weeks, in the case of Chipotle, the company seeks to guarantee that it will have the number of employees it needs to cover its growth plans. .

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    According to Chipotle, the chain seeks to double the number of stores in the United States up to 7,000 locations in the next few years.

    The fast food chain has reported that so far it has a workforce of 15,000 employees, despite the shortage of employees in the industry.

    Given how difficult it has been for the industry to fill jobs or retain its employees, Chipotle Has a talent attraction strategy planned.

    The recruiting campaign consists of the same Chipotle employees talk about the benefits to their careers when they work for the chain.

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    According to the company, with these they not only seek to close contracts, but also to retain the employees who already work for Chipotle.

    According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurant chains have added jobs for 24 consecutive months without alleviating the deficit that the sector faces since the pandemic.

    According to this organization, employment in restaurants in the United States remains 3.6% below pre-pandemic levels, with a deficit of 450,000 jobs.

    Chipotle isn’t the only fast food company looking to hire thousands of employees; Taco Bell has more than 25,000 open spaces openwhile Starbucks has posted more than 10,000 positions for its bars.

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    In a survey by the National Restaurant Association, 87% of its members indicated that they would hire or seek to fill thousands of jobs during the year; while 79% admitted that filling the available places has been very difficult.

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