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    Black Friday 2022: Survey reveals that more than half of Americans plan to reduce their purchases this year

    A survey conducted by the consumer research platform Attest reveals that Due to the inflation that this year shook the economy, more than half of American consumers intend to spend less during the Black Friday 2022 edition, this compared to last year.

    In counterpart, the money that they used to spend to buy items with irresistible offers will be used to pay pending bills or deposited into their savings accounts with the aim of facing a possible economic recession.

    From the sample analyzed among 1,000 US consumers of working age, it was concluded that 51% of those surveyed considered reducing the amount of money usually spent on their purchases on the most tempting day of the year.

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    In this sense, 38% of those who used to swipe their credit cards to pamper themselves by buying a gift during Black Friday, intend to either spend less or allocate said money to cover their daily expenses.

    In a similar line of thought, about a third of consumers this time intend to save the money that years ago they spent on buying new products and a better 10% plan to pay what they owe before going into more debt.

    Under this scenario, it can be seen that the average spending of those who will try to take advantage of the Black Friday offers will also tend to decrease, since whereas last year consumers spent between $300 and $500, for this edition they only intend to shell out between $101 and $300.

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    In this regard, Jeremy King, general director of Attest, assures that the negative impact that the day with the highest offers in the year will have will be a consequence of the inflation that affects the country’s economy and could even extend until the Christmas season.

    “This drive to save dollars also extends to the holidays beyond Black Friday, with seven in 10 Americans changing their holiday gift-giving habits this year,” it said in a statement.

    Finally, the Attest survey showed that during the Black Friday 2022 edition, consumers intend to purchase more clothing than technological products.

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