BusinessAgricultural workers will receive a one-time payment of $600 dollars. What is...

    Agricultural workers will receive a one-time payment of $600 dollars. What is their corresponding status?

    According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), agricultural workers in the state of Georgia will begin receive a one-time payment of $600 as part of federal aid until October of next year.

    In this sense, the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack explained that “agricultural, meat packaging and supermarket workers Overcame unprecedented challenges and took on significant personal risks to ensure that Americans could feed and sustain their families during the pandemic,” he said.

    Therefore, due to this effort made during the Covid-19 contingency by These workers will be supported with financing, recognition “for resilience and their efforts to meet personal and family needs while continuing to provide essential services,” Vilsack highlighted.

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    This initiative had already been announced in 2021 as “Aid for agricultural and food workers” by the USDA, which has the objective of allocating approximately $670 million dollars to these workers throughout the country until the middle of next year

    According to the statement, eligible agricultural workers must have certain requirements such as: having identification, verify that they were or are front-line agricultural employees between January 2020 and May 2023.

    It should be noted that identification can be presented with a foreign passport if warranted or a driver’s license. The list also includes agricultural employees in packing industries and grocery stores in the state. If you are a migrant, it is not necessary to show legal status or proof of citizenship.

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    If you would like to learn more about the Agricultural and Food Worker Assistance program you can send an email to [email protected] or call (678) 705-2057.

    The United States Department of Agriculture has partnered with several entities from different states in order to support agricultural workers by providing them with federal aid through the support of non-profit organizations.

    This is how the National Center for Farmworker Health received about $36 million in federal funds for distribution in the state. So far, 81 applications have already been sent in Georgiawhich mostly come from Tift, Colquitt, Echols and Coffee counties.

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