BusinessA Starbucks customer mistakenly leaves a tip of almost $5,000 and ruins...

    A Starbucks customer mistakenly leaves a tip of almost $5,000 and ruins his vacation

    A routine visit to a Starbucks branch turned into a financial nightmare for a man who bought two venti-sized coffees, but ended up leaving a nearly $5,000 tip.

    The Oklahoma resident said that just before leaving on vacation with his family, he went to a Starbucks coffee shop to buy the coffees for $12 dollars.

    However, when the victim’s wife, who identified herself as Jesse O’Dell, was trying to pay for some items for her vacation, the credit card she used was declined.

    There was apparently no reason the O’Dell family couldn’t use their credit card; however, when Jesse checked the balance on his card found out there was a charge at Starbucks for $4,456.27.

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    The man discovered that the $12 he thought had gone for two large coffees at Starbucks was actually they had become a huge account that exceeded his budget.

    The charge, as it was later learned, corresponded to almost $4,444 dollars of tip that the terminal in the chain’s cafeteria had registered when he made the purchase of the coffees.

    “I was incredulous. I don’t have that much money to pay for this”, assured the affected person in a statement made to the local media Kansas City Star.

    After learning of the charge of thousands of dollars on his credit card, O’Dell sought Starbucks to return the amount he had left, apparently by mistakeas a tip.

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    However, at first, Starbucks assured its client that the payment had been legitimate and that the tip for the $4,444 had been collected correctly.

    Of course, O’Dell did not acknowledge having made a tip payment for such an amount and assured that he knew how to use the payment terminals: “I did not press this button,” said the affected person.

    “If it wasn’t the barista, then it’s definitely their network, which it’s a really big problem“, he pointed out.

    Although Starbucks initially refused to acknowledge the error, as there is still no clarity about its origin, the company decided to send refund checks to O’Dell.

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    However, He assured that the checks bouncedso he then decided to go to the Tulsa Police to make a complaint to the authorities.

    Starbucks argued that the checks could not be cashed due to a writing error and announced that it has issued new checks to its affected customer, which are still pending cashing.

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